17 Mar

Our Response to Covid19

In a time when the only certainty seems to be uncertainty, we are making the decision to remain open for guests. In keeping with recommendations from CDC, we are thoroughly cleaning our rooms (as we always do) and washing all our linens in hot water. Our bed and breakfast is small, with only three suites, so the number of ten, who gathers, is not a problem. Additionally, we will offer breakfast in your room for any who choose not to gather at our community table. Be assured we are doing everything within our means to stem the spread of this pandemic, including limiting our contact with those who might be infected. Through common sense practices, prayer, perseverance, and good hygiene, we trust you will continue to find our little bed and breakfast a treasure trove for your weekend getaway. Come and escape the craziness, rest, relax with a bottle of wine and set your mind on something besides the fears that are circulating at this time.